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November 14, 2022

Designer Ruchi Agrawal Mohan Transforms A Brooklyn Townhouse For An Artist & Her Housemates

When designer Ruchi Agrawal Mohan first saw the white-walled rooms of this 1,758-square-foot townhouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., it was like flipping through the blank pages of a book waiting for a story to fill them. Then, after meeting the young owner and her mother (who would be a guiding light for design decisions), Ruchi knew immediately it was a story she wanted to write.

The townhouse has three levels (kitchen and dining on the first, two bedrooms and a living room on the second and another bedroom and terrace on the third). The owner, an artist studying to be an art therapist, loves literature, collects comic books and is a big fan of Greek and Roman mythology and Broadway plays (her favorite is Hadestown, a retelling of the Greek tragedy Orpheus and Eurydice). She shares the townhouse with two girlfriends, marking Ruchi’s first time designing for roommates. The biggest challenge? Fitting all that life and personality into one home. “There’s so much going on in each of their lives,” says Ruchi. “They’re all into art, literature, movies and books.”

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Author: Sydney Loney

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Ruchi Agrawal Mohan